In this strange world we live, there are people that decide to permanently insert pigment under their skin without even giving it that much thought. Some people tattoo themselves with a sharpie, even when they can’t even draw a straight line. Some people get tattoos while extremely intoxicated. The results often go from sentences full of writing mistakes, to horribly made pictures of loved ones, to incredibly ridiculous, offensive or stupid ideas, to all that at the same time. Here are 50 of the worst tattoos you can find online…some of this will make you scream at your screen while shaking your head in disbelief!

The McDonalds ticket


Ok, this guy got a tattoo of a MCDONALD’S TICKET in his forearm. I don’t even know what to write here and this list is just starting. Seriously. This will be hard to top. Or maybe not.

Where is Wally?


Apparently, this guy thought that having Wally peeking over the nipple was such a great idea that he got a tattoo of it. And probably he heard the sentence „Oh, there is Wally“ a zillion times, too.

On the nose


He is such a huge fan of ninja turtle Michelangelo that he had to get a tattoo on the nose. I guess this guy will be heading to Regretsville faster than I can say „cobawunga“.

Another McDonalds tattoo


Just what the world needed: another McDonald’s tattoo. Can you imagine loving a restaurant so much that you have to get its logo permanently inked in your skin? Can you imagine if that restaurant is McDonald’s?

The selfie tattoo


I just want to dive deeply into the thought process this girl had to go through to arrive in the conclusion that tattooing a questionable bathroom selfie in her forearm was a good idea.



Wait, I have to think this one: „Never don’t give up“ actually means the opposite of what this person probably intended, right? Unless he meant: „Just give up“, which would have been a better tattoo anyway.

The Love tattoo


There are so many things wrong about these tattoos that I don’t know where to start. I just hope these two never break up or stop hugging like that, because that would look odd.



Is this person an Elvis Presley fan? Probably they are, but the tattoo artist that did this is definitely not: the tattoo Elvis looks like a zombie, half dead Elvis.



What a class act. I bet I can predict the number of women he is picking up or talking to by flashing his tattoo like that: zero.



A cat asshole in your belly button. Like, seriously? Now that I think about it, this must be a prank or a bet that this guy lost. That will explain it.

The Troll


You gotta give it to him, this is a clever way to announce that you are a troll before trying to cause disruption in a group while laughing provocatively.



You think? This tattoo proves its point, which I guess is interesting, but this guy should add another phrase that reads „And I have no intention of stopping“.

The sad snowman


We found it! This is the saddest, most pathetic tattoo ever done on someone’s leg while being drunk, depressed and using a sharpie. Fuck yeah.

Place boob here


Such an unmistakable sign of a stand-up guy. Well, not exactly! At this point, I’m just hoping his face has a „Place fist here“ tattoo because he sure is asking for it.



Maybe this person works at WalMart and decided to get a tattoo as a job insurance. He probably thought that you have to be a huge jerk to fire an employee that was loyal enough to tattoo your logo. Good luck with that.

McDonald’s paradise


Another McDonald’s tattoo, but this time surrounded with stars and what appears to be…clouds? What does that even mean? Did McDonald’s died and go to heaven? Is McDonald’s paradise?

Judge Judy


This actually looks like a person with a good sense of humor that decided to get a joke-tattoo. Also, the tattoo is well done…except for the part that Judge Judy is smiling. Have you ever seen her smile?

The cupcake


I’m scratching my head thinking how someone got the idea to ink this on their body. What does this suppose to mean? Is this the „A cupcake in everyday situations“ saga?

Is that what I think it is?


I’m curious about how this went down: she went to the tattoo artist and said: „I want a big butterfly surrounded by plants covering my entire skull. But they gotta be made of dicks“ Ok, then.

Amy Winehouse


I’m not sure if this person was a fan of Amy Winehouse or just hates her so much that they had to get this tattoo to be a constant reminder

A steady hand


Unless this tattoo was done by the owner with a sharpie, they should go and ask for their money back. Seriously, a steady hand is missing, it looks like my 4-year-old niece could draw straighter lines than those.

The hipster look


This guy loved the hipster look so bad that he had to permanently ink it to his face. And did anyone even thought about how painful it must be to have the needle go in that hard zone around the eyes?

Maybe it doesn’t.


It probably won’t get better until you put the „s“ after the correct word, though. It’s funny to imagine how this happened because it takes at least two people for it to happen. Maybe it was intentional?

The sprite tattoo


This paraphrasing of sprite catchphrase „obey your thirst“ with „obey my pussy“ and completing the tattoo with a sprite can pouring over it is clever. And by „clever“ I mean stupid.

The Louis Vuitton tattoo


A tattoo will cost the same if you get a Louis Vuitton logo or a cupcake taking a piss, so this aspirational luxury brand tattooed all over this guy arm makes little sense, but again, what does in this list?

The child tattoo


Another child tattoo gone wrong. This person probably wanted to get a tattoo of their lovely child, but the tattoo artist wasn’t very good and it ended up looking like a satan possessed baby with no torso.

Personal Jesus


If this person wants Hello Kitty to be their Jesus, then who are we to question it. I especially like the beard and the crown of thorns, and the stigmata marks in hands and feet.

A romantic


I’m done. What a romantic pick up line. Imagine being with this guy and that’s the first thing you see when he takes out his shirt. Couldn’t run fast enough.

The puzzle


This looks like it would be useful for those times you are boring in a waiting room, so you can do some word search. But smartphones exist and is hard to search if the tattoo is placed in your torso. Now it’s just dumb.

Your stronger


Unless I’m missing something, the person who did this tattoo made two writing mistakes in five words. 2 mistakes in 5 words and 2 people missed it. This has to be intentional.

The stolen tattoo


This shitty copy of a well-done tattoo is so crappy that they even copied the nipple. First, learn how to tattoo. Second, don’t copy another artist’s tattoo. Basic rules, man.

A giant gummy bear


Someone wanted to get a tattoo of a purple gummy bear. Instead, they got a blue stain that looks like it was made with a blue pencil on math class. Nice.

Poor baby


The baby is cute. The tattoo, on the other hand, resembles a demon creature of some sort. Hope this person fixes it before the baby grows up and realize what happened.



This is what happens when you get a free tattoo. Pus, an infected hand, and a horror expression painted in the face of every person who sees it.



Is this a color it yourself tattoo? Ideal to entertain children when waiting on the line at the supermarket, just give them a crayon or a lipstick and let them color your poorly done tattoo.

Point taken


If you are gonna get a „stupid“ tattoo on your forehead, then you have to take a picture doing something stupid, like this one, to emphasize your point. Well done, sir!



It must be terrible to realize that the phrase you decided to permanently ink in your forearm has spelling mistakes and misplaced commas. You probably will end up regretting that dicision.

The Gangnam style


Remember „The Gangnam Style“? Remember how it went viral back in 2012, how everyone was doing the dance and how is the most viewed video ever on youtube? That doesn’t mean you have to get a tattoo of it.

He touched so many


I don’t know where to start with this one, if with the „He touched so many…“ very VERY unfortunate sentence or the awfully done Michael Jackson sketch. Is that even Michael Jackson?

Bloody brain


I wonder how he got this idea, I’m sure he was thinking about something artful and nice to permanently ink to his body and he came to the conclusion that a bloody open skull is something everyone wants to see all the time.



I hope that when little Courtney grows up, the parent who did this atrocity have regretted this and covered it. I’m sure she looks way better than this in person.

The fun tattoo


So this guy tattooed a colorful suspender on his chest and the same color in his thumbs because he thinks that joke is probably hilarious. Yeah, for like a week.

Just do it


This person is either very into nike, or maybe is one of those people that just always needs a little push to go further. You know, someone telling them „just do it“. With this, he only has to look in the mirror.

You only live once


There are so many things wrong here that I don’t know where to start. The Yolo phrase? the dick Yolo phrase? The details on the letters? Is good he only lives once.

The three beers


All I can think of when looking at this picture is how many of those this person had before tattooing himself with a sharpie? I guess a little more than three.

Jon Bovi


„Have you heard the new tune from Jon Bovi, it’s is my life?“. This looks like it was tattooed either by a child or by a very drunk person just exiting a Jon Bon Jovi concert.

The meta tattoo


Sometimes you just want a tattoo but you can’t decide which one. It can be a hard decision (even if this list is full of exceptions). You can do like this person and just tattoo „tattoo“.

The spider tattoo


„Mom, Dad, meet my boyfriend“. „Wait, don’t go away, that’s only a tattoo, a spider tattoo arising from the nose into the entire face…you know what? Nevermind“



Even if it doesn’t look like it at first sight, this tattoo is a good thing. It will save you the experience of talking with a racist and anti-semite right off the bat. Win win.

The rock idol


That’s Dave Grohl, from the Foo Fighters, but I only know it because it says so in the tattoo. If you are going to tattoo your rock idol, try to go to a good artist and not have your friend that’s „learning“ do it