Amazing Tattoos For Every Cat Lover

Cats and tattoos had aroused loves and hate since they’ve existed. While some people cannot live without them, in some cultures cats are considered bad luck and tattoos are illegal if not practiced by a licensed doctor. Luckily, the human love affair with our furry friends goes beyond any superstition and many have decided to permanently have them on their skins. No matter where you come from or what kind of style you are into, we are sure you will love many of these designs that celebrate our love for cats.

Grumpy Cat


Whose cat hasn’t look this angry at some point? This tattoo is the perfect representation of what your cat may look like if you bother him with silly human demands like not breaking your stuff.

The Classic One


A classic-toned tattoo made with black in and perfect furry details (take a look at those eyes!) may be the homage you were looking to honor your best friend. Classic and classy, right?

The Aristocats Lover


Whether The Duchess was your favorite character or it was Marie (or even the Scat Cat!), this illustration is just perfect for any Aristocats and Disney movie fan. Isn’t she lovely?

Surprised Cat Portrait


Isn’t this the cutest surprised cat you’ve ever seen? Her human decided to portrait him as amazed as he is in real life in a beautiful colored tattoo to carry him everywhere she goes.

Black and White Friends


This Yin and Yang picture of two cat friends with some vintage look is as lovely as two cat friends can be. Who wouldn’t want to be around two cute balls of fur?

Silhouette Time


In ancient Egypt, cats were mythic symbols of divinity, they even worshipped a Cat Goddess – half feline, half woman- and this cat silhouette just reminded us of that. What do you think?

Behind Your Ear


In many cultures, like the American, black cats are considered bad luck but in the United Kingdom and Australia, it’s the opposite way! Maybe this girl is Australian…, or she just doesn’t care at all.

Colorful and Loving


Colorful watercolor-style tattoos are trending right now. This one combines the best of water-coloring techniques with traditional solid outlines to bring a loving cat to life.



Even though most people consider themselves as a „dog person“, some have room in their hearts for both cats and dog. They can become really good friends too, you know?

Accio Meow!


Harry Potter and cats? Yes, Please! We find this staring cat quite similar to Professor McGonagall Animagus form. If we are wrong, we don’t want to be in her class when she finds out.

Reaching for the Moon


You might be missing your little friend, but you can always take a look at a simple but lovely tattoo like this one to remember that it will always be with you, especially every time you look at the moon.

Classic Style Portrait


Well, here is a classy one. Almost stepping out of the frame, this stunning yellow-eyed boy gives the impression of belonging to another era. We bet her human mom is quite pleased with it.

Stripy Cat


Maybe we are just imagining stuff, but it looks like this cat wearing a stripy hoodie is asking for food. It also works great as a reminder for your real-life partner!

Playful Little Cat


Keep your eyes on your kitten if you want it to behave because it’s trying to escape! Also, keep your eyes on this original design because you might want to take it for your next tattoo session.

Another One for the Minimalists


Even if it’s not silhouette night with Skinner and his mom, you can still wear this simply beautiful design and do for a walk with your meowy friend to the wild side.

Nighty Night, Folks


When you see two cats hugging then you know it must be true love. If not, take a look at these adorable plumpy sleeping dudes. They seem to be the best friends ever!

I Spy a Little Cat!


Did you know that cats‘ noses have unique patterns, just like human fingerprints? I think this little spying cat didn’t know it but it’s carefully listening every word we say.

The Eyes That Stare


If you are short on a budget to hire a bodyguard, you might want to consider this staring eyes that will keep all the bad energies -and companies- away with just one look. Enemies, beware!

Sleepy Ball Of Fur


Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur… is falling asleep! Is there anything cuter than a sleepy cat? Well, we don’t think so and this tattoo is the proof of it.

The Skeleton


According to Buddhists, a cat’s body is the temporary resting place of every spiritual people. This skeleton cat tattoo may be a reminder of our lives after death.

Put On Your X-Ray Glasses


If a full skeleton tattoo does not suit you best, you might try this x-ray vision picture of a cat that seems to be searching for its prey. Try not to bother much, just in case.

Hear Me Roar!


This gorgeous tattoo seems like a serious statement. Whether they are tiny or huge, young or adult, you can’t deny how fierce and strong a cat can be. It’s part of their nature, they are wild animals after all.

Galaxy cat


Join the widely popular galaxy trend with this beautifully colored kitty and reach for the stars just like the very first cat in space, the French Astrocat. Aren’t cats amazing?

Fairy Cat over The Moon


Another galaxy themed tattoo with a twist the fairy lovers out there will thank. Combining galaxies, cats and fairies can never go wrong, it’s just too adorable to be true.

Fierce Look


If you are looking for some in-your-face tattoo that screams you are the fiercest feline out there, then this might be the right one for you. You’ll never be bullied again.

Girl (and Paw) Power!


Girls and cats is just the best combination, you can’t go wrong with this empowering tattoo that will remind you that nowadays it’s a must to fight like a girl.

Lovely Girl


If you are looking for that soft and feminine vibe, then you must check this tattoo out. Its eyes are mesmerizing. That’s some way to be a cool cat lady, huh?



Simple outlines to picture, kind of slow motion-ly, how cats always land on their feet. We bet that you didn’t know you needed this animation style tattoo until you saw it.

For that Drawing Enthusiasts


Calling out all the drawing lovers out there. If you love old school drawing techniques, this may be the perfect tattoo for you but it will cover half your arm!

Japanese Blossom


Cats are often considered to be a symbol of good luck and next to this beautiful cherry blossom, which represents the fragility and the beauty of life, you have quite a tribute to Japanese culture.

Cat Playing with a Ball of Wool


Cartoon and anime fans will love this illustration of a cat standing on a ball of wool because there are not many things cuter than a cat playing with a ball of wool. Maybe a unicorn cat?

Hello, Katy!


Celebrities also love their cats and that’s why Katy Perry decided to get herself this purrrfect Hello Kitty on her middle finger. So lovely but more like Hello Katy!, huh?

Wild Celebrity


Another celebrity who decided to honor her wildest side with a kitty-related tattoo on the back of her legs. Bella Thorne does not hesitate when it comes to statements, right?

Animated Colors


Another option for kawaii lovers. A pile of colorful teeny tiny cats must be one the best ideas of all times and we don’t think we are overreacting, do you?

Cheshire Cat


You may think this seems like a regular Cheshire Cat tattoo, but as lights turn off the UV Black Light ink activates, and the full body of this Alice in Wonderland’s character is revealed.

Want Some Pizza?


That’s some serious pizza and we always want pizza, yet more if it comes with a side of adorable cats to pet. Waiter, bring us a dozen, please!

Happy Birthday, Pusheen!


Pusheen The Cat is not only a great emoji of a plumpy and cheerful cat but an amazing idea to get tattooed if you like a flawless cartoon style on your skin.

Now ready for dessert?


Well, yes, we may be a little obsessed with Pusheen because it’s just too adorable to choose only one design. These ones were made by Californian based tattoo artist Alexander Strangler.

Temporary Art


If you are not sure to get all inked yet, you may try some of these beautiful temporary tattoos. They are also ideal to play with the little ones in your house. Nobody should be denied a cat on their skin.

Another Beautiful Option for Temporary Tattoos


If the cartoon style doesn’t fit your personal preferences, you can also try this more photographic styled ones that picture many cute cat faces. Anyone else wants to cover all your body with them? No?

Matching Tiny Friends


Are you and your best friend, or your sister or brother (or your neighbor, why not?) both cat lovers? Then try matching tattoos and seal that friendship and love for life.

Minimalist Mini Black Cat


Want to honor that cat love but you are too shy to show it off? This tiny black kitty on the inner side of your arm is the ideal minimal tattoo for those who don’t want to draw much attention to them.

Can You Be Any More Cutest?


Did you know that the smallest cat in the world is called the Rusty Spotted Cat and its eyes are six times more powerful than ours? Now you know. Just as this tiny tattoo, it’s impossible adorable.

Bad Boys Portrait


There’s a tattooist from Seoul, in South Korea, that does this amazing cats portraits -and some other these gorgeous drawings- so can take your furry friends everywhere with you.

Hey, Mom, That’s Us!


These two bad boys don’t seem to be truly happy about the portrait her human mom has made of them, but we think it’s really lovely and cool. Chill, cats!

Photo Replicated


Here’s a human that wanted to remember her beloved fluffy family members as real as possible and you might also. This photography-like portrait tattoo is a great option to reach that level of authenticity.

It’s Half Watching You


Did you know cats sleep 70% of their lives? The rest of the time they are playing all around the house while you try to sleep, but they are still cute so that’s fine. This staring half of a cat seems to be having a great time.

Now It’s Definitely Watching You


Kind of grumpy but still so cute to pass on it! This tattoo is a great idea for the cat lovers that are looking for a more minimal expression of their love.

Minimal Whiskers


Now, if you definitely want real minimalism, this is the one tattoo to get. These whiskers will help you detect if you can’t fit through space, just as your beloved cat do.

And Some More… Why Not?


Even though that’s the cutest tattoo ever, and you would definitely want to get if you love cats, I wouldn’t mess with that angry face. No, really, leave it alone.