Bird Tattoos

Birds carry different meanings. Some people believe they symbolize freedom, thus they decide to get a bird tattoo for themselves. Others do it just because birds are beautiful creatures. No matter the reason, the truth is that birds make pretty good tattoos. It doesn’t really matter if you chose a little bird or a little one, a colorful design or a black one: birds always look beautiful when they’re inked. For those of you who are thinking of getting a bird tattoo and would like to see a few, here’s a list of the most beautiful ones. Fly through these bird tattoos to choose yours!

I’m Like A Bird


Look at this colorful bird tattoo, is incredibly beautiful. Did you know that there are over 9,500 species of birds in the world? Yes, apparently birds are the most widespread of all animals.

Bird Machine


If you’re looking for a minimalist but still lovely bird tattoo, this might be the one for you. A design like this would look perfect on your forearm or your back.

Rainbow Bird


Look at this colorful hummingbird, it’s so beautiful! This watercolor tattoo is so cute. Did you know that hummingbirds are so small that they have fewer than 1,000 feathers?

Paper Bird


If you’re looking for tiny geometric minimalist bird tattoos, this is your lucky day. Fun fact: Did you know that a bird’s lungs are much more efficient than those of humans?



Look at this bird design in shades of blue, isn’t it delightful? A beautiful tattoo like this would look good anywhere in your body. Yes, you should go and get yourself this tattoo.

Not A Caged Bird


Are you looking for a watercolor design? And a bird tattoo? Well, you can have them both! Did you know that starlings sing notes too high for us to hear?

Beautiful Hummingbird


Looking for a watercolor hummingbird? Here you have one! This lovely watercolor design is colorful and cute. Did you know that hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backward?



If you’re looking for a bird tattoo but you want a black design, this might be perfect for you. This tattoo would look amazing on your side rib or your back.

Colourful Flight


Were you looking for a watercolor bird tattoo? Well, this one is superb. If you want to get this design yourself, you should better find a kickass tattoo artist: this design is a work of art.

Free As A Bird


For those looking for a tiny black bird tattoo, this could be a pretty good option for you. The perk of a design like this is that it would look lovely on your neck, your forearm, your leg, your scapula or your side rib.

Lovely Hummingbird


This tattoo is so gorgeous you should get it done immediately! It would look perfect on your arm. Did you know that sword-billed hummingbird is the only bird with a longer bill than its body?



How minimalist can a bird tattoo be? This is how much. This cute minimalist origami bird design is superb and it would look cool on any part of your body.

Free Bird


Would you like to get a huge and colorful tattoo for yourself? How do you feel about birds and watercolor designs? Because they actually make an incredibly good looking couple.

The Most Beautiful Hummingbird


This is probably the most gorgeous hummingbird tattoo you’ll ever see. Watercolor designs are amazing, bird tattoos are beautiful and hummingbirds are incredibly cute, so the three of them together make a perfect design.

Rockin’ Robin


Don’t you love robin birds? This songbird makes a beautiful tattoo, and it can actually be a tiny design! If you’re looking for a tiny colored lifelike bird tattoo, this is definitely the one.

Little Birds


This design is just lovely, and it would look perfect either on your back or your forearm. Did you know that a bird’s feathers actually weigh more than its skeleton?

Bird Set Free


Watercolor tattoos can be beautiful, but watercolor bird tattoos are stunning. This design is beautiful, and the use of colors is just breathtaking. If you like it, go and get it.

Birds & The Beez


This design is cute and lovely. If you like it, you should get it on your forearm. Did you know that the shape of a bird’s wings it’s what keeps it up in the air?

And Your Bird Can Sing


Who doesn’t like a tiny cute bird design? This one proves they are gorgeous! Although a small tattoo like this one would look beautiful on any part of your body, it would be perfect for your wrist or your forearm.

Flowered Bird


If you’ve decided to get a bird tattoo but you were waiting to find a stunning design, this is the one. This flowered bird tattoo is both original and magnificent.

Four Little Birds


This design makes a beautiful armband tattoo. Did you know that there are life-after-death myths related to birds? Birds are sometimes associated with the soul’s journey after death.

Blackbird Singing In The Dead Of Night


If you want a black minimalist bird tattoo, this is the one. A design like this would look beautiful on your shoulder, your side rib, your leg, your forearm or your thigh.

Black Hummingbird


Did you know that a hummingbird watercolor tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to be colorful? This tattoo proves it. The use of black and grey in this design is truly magnificent.

Blue Wings


This bird tattoo is gorgeous, isn’t it? The different shades of blue and the white and yellow details are actually wonderful. If you’re looking for a bird design, this might be the one.

Three Little Birds


Look at these three little birds. It seems that one of them is being left out! Did you know that there are around 10,000 different species of birds around the world?

Colourful Wings


Did you know that some bird species are so intelligent they can even create and use tools? We don’t know if the bird in this tattoo is smart enough to use tools, but the tattoo artist can certainly use colors.

On Peregrine Wings


Did you know that around 20% of bird species actually migrate really long distances every year? You should get a bird tattoo like this one and take it to travel the world with you.

Take A Picture Of Me


Have you ever seen something as cute as this little bird with a camera? You probably haven’t. This cute little guy makes a great design for your ankle or your wrist.



The only thing prettier than a bird is two birds. This beautiful watercolor design would look amazing on your shoulder or your side rib, don’t you think? This tattoo is totally beautiful.

Pretty Little Birds


Okay, so you want blackbirds but color flowers, right? Yes, we have what you’re looking for. This design is extremely lovely and it would look amazing on your shoulder.

Origami Flight


Origami is not only the ancient art of folding paper. Nowadays, it has become a great source of designs for tattoos. This classic and minimalist origami bird tattoo is lovely.

Rainbow Hummingbird


Nobody ever gets tired of hummingbirds. These little colourful birds are so cute that almost every tattoo artist has done at least one of them. They seem to be perfect designs for watercolor style.

Rise Like A Bird


Are you looking for something simple, delicate and sexy? Then this black birds tattoo is just perfect for you. It would look incredible on your shoulder, your instep or your forearm.

A Couple Of Birds


Have you ever seen something as cute as these two birds? If you’re looking for a lovely tattoo, you should keep in mind this beautiful design. This couple of birds would look good on your back.

Colours Flying


Did you know that male birds tend to have more glamorous feather colors and better songs? This stunning colorful design of a bird with colorful mountains behind it shows that watercolor tattoos are actually works of arts.

Geometric Bird


Whenever you think of a bird tattoo, you probably imagine a colorful lifelike design. If you thought that a bird tattoo couldn’t be a black geometric design, this tattoo proves you wrong.

Winter Bird


Are you looking for a lifelike bird tattoo? Then you’ll find this black and gray design to be perfect. This tattoo is so magnificent it has to be the work of a true artist.

The Birds In Your Garden


Did you know that many birds which are kept as pets actually enjoy living in pairs because they like the company? Now you understand why these two are together on this person’s back.

Another Hummingbird


This small hummingbird tattoo is totally cute! Did you know that an average hummingbird’s heart rate is more than 1,200 beats per minute? These little creatures are so amazing.

Origami Reloaded


Have you ever thought about getting a bird tattoo, a minimalist tattoo, and a mandala-like tattoo? This tattoo shows that you can actually get the three of them without having your entire body covered in ink.

Tasting Flowers


This lifelike hummingbird tattoo is marvelous! And it would look stunning on your side rib. Did you know that hummingbirds are attracted by certain flowers like bleeding hearts, Columbia lily, scarlet creeper, cardinal flower, petunias, among others?

Watercolor Origami


No, watercolor bird tattoos don’t necessarily have to be lifelike designs. You can actually get a paper bird tattoo in a watercolor style. This kind of tattoos is actually lovely.

Rainbow Flight


Who says that doves are only white? This watercolor tattoo shows that doves can have as many colours as you want! And they look completely beautiful when they’re colourful designs!

Pretty Flamingo


Did you know that flamingos pair for a lifetime? Yes, some of them even stay with their mates for 50 years! So if you get a flamingo tattoo, you’ll be together for the rest of your lives.

Lovely Hummingbird


This design is completely gorgeous. Did you know that hummingbirds‘ throat is bright and colourful not because of feather pigmentation, but because of the iridescence in the feathers‘ arrangement? These little guys are amazing.

Lovely Little Birds


This tiny little-colored birds may seem simple but they’re actually a quite complex watercolor design. However, they’re gorgeous. They would look just amazing on your scapula, your forearm or your instep.

Flying Beauty


Is there anything more beautiful than a bird tattoo painted in bright colors? Yes, a two birds tattoo painted in bright colors. This design would look awesome on your hips, your shoulders or your arms.

Lovely Wings


So you want a colorful bird tattoo and a flower tattoo, but you don’t know which one to get. Perhaps you should get them both together, like in this watercolor design.

Strong Wings


Okay, let me guess: you think that all those watercolor bird designs are too girly for a tough guy like you, but you’re still looking for a bird tattoo, right? Well, then this is the right tattoo for you.

Shocking Bird


This zentangle method hummingbird tattoo is magnificent. If you want to get a tattoo like this one, get ready for a long session at the ink saloon. But don’t worry: it would be completely worthy.