Dog Lover Tattoos

Have you ever wondered why dogs are called „man’s best friend“? If you have, you probably didn’t have much trouble answering that. If you are lucky enough to have a dog, you certainly know that they’re incredible partners. Loyal, funny and cute. There are a lot of doggy tattoo designs, it’s up to you to find the one that best suits you. If you’re thinking of getting a doggy tattoo in order to celebrate one of the purest friendships you’ll ever experience, we can help you. Here you have a list of the most beautiful dog tattoos you’ll ever see, so you can choose which one you’ll get.

Walk With Me


These cute guys are the man’s best friends. Do you love your dog? Are thinking about getting a tattoo? You might like this beautiful minimalist design. It would fit perfectly on your ankle or your wrist.

Pretty Little Hound


Are you looking for a black and white dog tattoo? What about this dog paw with a mandala design? This lovely small tattoo would look good in any part of your body.

Canine Beauty


If you’re looking for geometric designs, you should stop right here. We have found the perfect design for you. This lovely black and white geometric tattoo is one of the most beautiful you’ll see.

Cute Little Pup


How do you feel about this cute little doggy tattoo? Isn’t it lovely? This design is just perfect for someone looking for something simple and cute. It would look amazing anywhere: arm, ankle, leg or wrist.

Don’t You Love This Pup?


Don’t you love watercolor tattoos? Minimalist tattoos? And what about dog tattoos? This design is a perfect match for these three things, and it’s incredibly cute. You should definitely go for it.

Beautiful Doggy


Are you looking for a dog tattoo? Nobody says you need to get a rottweiler’s face tattoo all over your back, you can actually get a tiny one like this. Isn’t it lovely?

Geometric Pup


You’ve probably seen that geometric animals tattoo became popular during the last couple of years. Although you might think that these designs are for animals like bears or wolves, you can actually get a doggy one.

Maori Pup


So you want a maori tattoo and a dog tattoo too. Why can’t you get both of them? Oh, you want only one tattoo, not two? That’s okay. This design allows you to have these two things together in one tattoo.

Fab Four Doggies


Are you lucky enough to have more than one dog? Perhaps you should get these little guys with you forever. This design is incredibly cute and it would look amazing on your thigh.

Puppy Paw


For those of you looking for a cute tattoo, we’ve found the perfect design for you. This black and white doggy paw is lovely and it would fit everywhere. Go for it.

All You Need Is Pup Love


If you are both a dog lover and a minimalist tattoo fan, you should be crazy in love with this design. This black and white tattoo is perfect for your arm or your leg.

Pretty Little Puppy


If you are a Shih Tzu fan looking for tattoo ideas, this is your day of luck. You can actually get your special friend’s face on your skin and it would look lovely.

Hello, I’m Beautiful


Everyone who owns a Yorkie knows these pretty little creatures are not only beautiful but also ferocious despite their size. If you’re thinking about carrying your Yorkie around on your skin, this would be a perfect option.

Colorful Friends


Don’t you love watercolor tattoos? Are you looking for dog tattoos? Do you have a cat too? Well, this is your opportunity to get things done. Call your ink saloon and go get this design inked right away.

Rainbow Paw


Isn’t it lovely? A watercolor dog paw tattoo. This beautiful design would look amazing on your wrist or your ankle. You’d have one of the cutest tattoos on Earth.

Flowered Paw


Isn’t it lovely? A watercolor dog paw tattoo. This beautiful design would look amazing on your wrist or your ankle. You’d have one of the cutest tattoos on Earth.

Flowered Paw


What about this watercolor flowered paw? Isn’t it lovely? This design is both delightful and original. You can it on your ankle or your shoulder. And its colorsare so beautiful.

Puppy Lines


If you are looking for a minimalist design, you won’t get anything more minimalist than this. This dog tattoo is one of the most delicate and perfect designs you’ll find, so you better get it now before someone else does.

Puppy’s Portrait


If you have a dog as beautiful as this one, you would probably want to have it on your skin, right? This watercolor doggy tattoo is so gorgeous it makes you want to get one for yourself.

Another Flowered Paw


Seems that flowered dog paws are popular designs. This one is just delightful. If you like it but you are not sure in which part of your body you should get it inked, don’t worry: it would look good anywhere.

As Lovely As A Dog’s Face


Have you ever seen something as cute as this tattoo? Is there anything more lovely than a happy dog? If you want to have your best friend’s face on your skin, this pretty design would be perfect.

Puppy Warhol


If you are looking for watercolor tattoos, dog tattoos or artsy designs, you might want to take a look at this one. This half sleeve dog tattoo is both colorful and original.

Colorful Doggy


How can dogs be this cute? This cute little watercolor tattoo is a really good option for those ones looking for colored dog tattoos. You should get this one on your skin right away.

Paw Path


It’s pretty annoying to see that right after you’ve mopped the floor, your dog’s footprints are everywhere. But there’s nothing as beautiful as having a life partner as loyal as a dog. Get this watercolor tattoo so you can remember how lucky you are to have a dog in your life.

Can Something Be Just Too Beautiful?


For those who think that dog tattoos can’t be works of art, this watercolor design proves them wrong. If you would like to get this tattoo, you should think about getting it on your arm or your back.

Lovely Paws


These paws are beautiful, aren’t they? For those ones looking for minimalist but still colored designs, this is a pretty good option. And it would fit anywhere in your body!

Geometric Beauty


If you’re lucky enough to be a dog owner, you should celebrate it. And which could be a better way to celebrate it than getting it on your skin? This minimalist geometric design would be just perfect.

Just Lovely


If you’re looking for dog minimalist watercolor tattoos, you should schedule an appointment at your ink saloon right now. Have you ever seen something both as artsy and cute as this? It’s just delightful!

Cute Emergency


This tattoo is so incredibly cute it makes you want to get one for yourself. Its design is cute, minimalist, funny and lovely, what else do you need? Go for it, it would look lovely on your forearm.

Finding Beauty In The Little Things


If you want to go as simple as possible, that’s perfectly fine. A tiny dog paw might be just enough for you to remember that you’re one of the luckiest people on Earth for having a dog’s love.

Have You Ever Seen Something This Pretty?


This is so cute you are probably heading to the ink saloon right now. If you want a minimalist design for getting a dog tattoo, this is the perfect one.

Cuter Than Anything


If you didn’t run to the ink saloon with the last doggy tattoo, you might do it when you see this one. The only thing more lovely than watching a dog playing, it’s this tattoo of a dog playing.

Artsy Pup


Who said you can’t get a dog’s face and a psychedelic art design together in the same tattoo? If you were looking for something like this, you’d probably love this tattoo.

Beagle’s Beauty


The only thing more special than a beagle is a beagle owner. What do you think about this design? Does it look as lovely as your doggy does? If it does, you should print it and take it to a tattoo artist.

Pretty Little Face


If someone told you that you could get your dog’s face on your arm, you would probably think that person is crazy or it’s incredibly tacky. Once you’ve seen this tattoo, you’ll start thinking it might not be such a bad idea.

Minimalist Pup


Have you ever pictured your dog as geometric design? Probably you didn’t. But the thing is it could be actually beautiful. If you don’t believe it or you just don’t have such a good imagination, you can check it for yourself by seeing this beautiful dog tattoo.

Mexican Doggy


Yes, Mexican skull tattoos are quite fashionable these days. Are you thinking about getting one of them? Would you like a dog’s tattoo as well? So go ahead and get them both together in one! This tattoo proves it looks awesome.

Triangle of Dogs


You might think that geometric tattoos and doggy tattoos are two completely different things that have nothing to do with each other. But what if we could prove you wrong? This tattoo shows that this two things together can actually look really good.

Excuse Me, Could You Stop Being So Cute?


Have you ever seen an incredibly cute geometrical tattoo? If you haven’t, now you will. This design is cute, lovely and elegant. What are you waiting to get it on your skin?

Is your puppy made of circles too?


Have you ever imagined your dog as a geometric figure? It seems impossible, right? But if you take a look at this tattoo, you would realize that it’s not only possible but also beautiful. A perfect tattoo.

Wiener Doggy


If you’re a dachshund owner, you’ll immediately consider getting this tattoo for yourself. Wiener dogs are not only amazing partners but also incredibly funny creatures. Who doesn’t love these guys?

Maori Pooch


This is just stunning. Have you ever thought you could get a dog design that could be a lifelike drawing and a Maori design too? If your imagination isn’t good enough to picture something like that, you should take a look at this tattoo to see it’s actually possible. It’s ravishing, isn’t it?

The Four Dogsketeers


The only thing better than having a dog is having more than one. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy the company of several of these beautiful creatures, you should get a tattoo to show off.

Bring Me Roses


Is this French bulldog surrounded by flowers the single most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? Yes, probably it is. If you have one of these at home and you were thinking about getting a tattoo, this design might be a pretty good model for you to copy.

Hello, I’m Beautiful


Who said that artsy people don’t have feelings? Anyone that shares time with a dog knows these guys are awesome. If you want a minimalist tattoo and you’re a dog fan, you’ll find this design perfect.

Geometric But Cutie


If you’ve seen all those tattoos of though animals portrayed as half lifelike creatures and half geometric designs, you’ve probably found them stunning. Have you ever thought your cute French bulldog could be portrayed like that too? You probably believed that wasn’t possible until you saw this tattoo.

The Simpler, The Better


Are you thinking of getting a dog’s tattoo? What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a minimalist design, you won’t find a tattoo as cute and elegant as this one.

Lady Doggy


Is there anything prettier than a dog? Yes, a dog wearing a flower wreath. If you had already decided to get a doggy tattoo, but you were waiting to find the cutest one on Earth, you’ve already found it.

Professional Dogball Player


Do you throw the ball at your dog? Does your dog bring the ball back to you in order for you to keep playing? Yes, of course, that’s what dogs do! If you want your tattoo to be the most accurate dog image for your tattoo, this is the one.

Flowered Dachshund


Have you ever imagined your dachshund as a silhouette filled with leaves and flowers? No, you probably haven’t. This design shows that it can actually be an incredibly beautiful design. If you’re thinking of getting a doggy tattoo, you should consider this one.

I’m Beautiful Because I’m A Dog. Period.


If you have a cute dog, why would you need a geometric design? If you don’t care about being minimalist or anything like that, you should just get your dog’s face on your skin. It would be beautiful because dogs are the most gorgeous creatures on Earth.