Incredible Tattoos

If you are a tattoo lover then this post is just for you. 3D tattoos, new school, and realistic tattoos are just a few examples of what you can find on this list. If you are planning on getting your first or a new tattoo but you have no idea of how the design should be, take a look at this and we hope that it will give you some ideas of what you want. Here you have 50 of the most incredible tattoos ever that will make you gag and turn you into a tattoo enthusiast even if you hate them.

Take a picture!


This one is great for photographers. If taking pictures is your entire life, then getting a tattoo of a realistic camera is what you need. You won’t stop taking fake photos!

Tribal Tattoo


Tribal tattoos are a thing nowadays in the tattoo business. This one here is huge but awesome. Those lines and the color are just perfect and that man should be very proud of it.

For sea lovers


The neck is a very difficult area for tattoo artists, but if you found one that will make you this then you are lucky. That anchor is beautiful and goes very well with her body!



Just wow! Look at this one, it blows our mind. If you are into robots or mechanics then you should consider getting this tattoo. It seems so real that we are thinking this man is a robot.



That scorpion looks very real. We even thought there was one on his chest instead of it being a tattoo. The shades make it even more impressive, what an awesome design!

Back to black


This one is another realistic black masterpiece. It really feels like we are looking at her spine! Back tattoos take a really long time but they pay off, as we can see here.

Arm tattoo


That black and red tattoo is just incredible. It has a lot of things but all of them stand out in its way. Some people say that color tattoos hurt more but we are not sure about that.

Mother of dragons


If you love Game of Thrones you will understand that reference. This girl is the Khaleesi of back tattoos, her dragon is gorgeous and it’s protecting her the whole time.



If you think that this guy just nailed his own chest, you’re wrong. It’s a tattoo! That blood looks super real and the placement is just perfect. This guy must be scaring people all the time.

Mechanic hand


This image feels like it was taken from the movie Ex-Machina. This guy’s tattoo is so impressive we want to have it in our own arms. Yes, in both of them.

Just wow!


Wow, look at this tattoo design. That face is terrifying. This man has his whole back and arms tattooed, that must hurt but look at the result. It was so worth!

Deathly tattoo


We have a lot of awesome back tattoos on this list. This one is just a message from the dead. It has everything a horror film fan needs and is just amazing.



Another really realistic scorpion on a shoulder. Maybe there is a trend or something but we are totally here for it. It looks very scary and sexy and the same time.



If you want your dreams to be everything you want and have no nightmares, then a permanent dreamcatcher like this is all you need. This one is incredibly beautiful, we love it!

3D tattoo


This 3D tattoo is unbelievable. If you are a time and watches enthusiast then you should consider getting this tattoo. It feels like a real tattoo hanging from her skin!

Pop culture


If you are in love with the pop culture and classic icons you will recognize every reference from this tattoo. We just can’t stop staring at that perfect Marilyn Monroe there.

Elephant tattoo


This elephant is a work of art. The artist who design it is just a genius, we are in love with it. Those lines are perfection and the colors are just right.

Red and black art


Look at this beautiful tattoo made with just two colors: black and red. It combines a lot of tattoo styles in a perfect way. This man’s chest is just breathtaking.

Flower power


This tattoo feels very sexy and personal. The flowers are placed in such a way it follows the shape of her body and just compliments her figure. She looks like she was born with that tattoo!

More flowers but with a surprise


We thought this was another great flower back tattoo but there is a surprise at the bottom. The skull makes the tattoo even more interesting and more impressive for the artist!



Finally, we see a full-color tattoo! This jellyfish is just amazing, that blue is beautiful and you understand instantly what animal that is. Don’t touch it or you will get hurt!

Peacock tattoo


This one just blew us away. That shape and colors are everything, this girl should be very pleased with her back tattoo as it’s honestly so unique and incredible we can’t take it.

Abstract birds


These animals don’t really look like a bird but we understand the concept. The tree leaves are just gorgeous and it fits this guy back perfectly. We love some abstract art!

Chinese tattoo


This chinese horse looks like it was painted with chinese ink and is very good. But be careful with what you write in other languages on your skin if you didn’t translate it before!



If you are obsessed with angels and flying then getting a wing tattooed must be your dream. This guy just wanted to fly and got tattooed this incredible wing to remember that.

A monster calls


Wow, this tattoo is awesome. That monster with four eyes is both cute and creepy but we can’t stop looking at it. And the mountains and trees with those lines are perfect!

Owl tattoo


Owls are beautiful so why not getting them tattooed on your arm and shoulder? This one is gorgeous and its feathers are so precise we want to ask this girl for the tattoo artist’s number!

A heart


We are used to seeing chest tattoos on men but women can also get them and be great. This one especially looks so good on her chest and shoulder and shows a heart with flowers, we love it!

A music lover


This tattoo is perfect for music lovers and guitarists. Look at that music flowing through her skin and that electric guitar getting all the attention, is such an incredible and beautiful tattoo!



We don’t know what to say about this one. If you love greek mythology (or not) you will be amazed by this arm tattoo. It’s incredibly well done, we need the tattoo artist name!



This design looks like it was painted by a professional artist. The houses and trees are just beautiful and well-tattooed on this guy’s arm. He has a masterpiece on his body!



People say that the hand is the worst place to tattoo because it hurts so bad, but we think that for this butterfly is totally worth it. The colors of this tattoo are awesome!

Flowers and birds


Yes, yet another back tattoo, but admit they are gorgeous. When you have a lot of skin to work on you can do this amazing designs like this one with a bird and some flowers.

Owl tattoo


This one really blew us away. Look at the details of this owl, it feels like it could get out of this guy’s chest and starts flying right away. The moon behind it is also great!

A splash of color


Admit it, this tattoo is cool. It looks like a painter just spit his color paints on this arm to create a watercolor tattoo. Es amazing and we love how different it is!

Kiss kiss, bang bang.


We went back to the classic black tattoos. This gun and roses (yes, we see the pun in there) are amazing, and the gun holds a message „Never look back“.

More flowers


And we go back to color. These watercolor flowers are stunning, she looks like she was born with this tattoo on her skin. There’s something written there but we can’t understand it, we will leave that to you.

Birds and more birds


We can see why people love getting birds tattoos, they are lovely! This one looks incredibly tattooed, those claws are so precise we don’t know how the artist did them.



We think that girl is the justice symbol. Whether he meant that or not, that design is incredible, the detail put in it is great and everything is done in a perfect way!

For someone special


Nothing says „I love you“ better than a tattoo. It can be for your partner, son, daughter, mother, father, and even your pet. It will stay with you forever that way!

White tattoo


We are not used to seeing white tattoos but this one is perfect. Those white wings look very real and she looks like an angel. This is one of the coolest tattoos on this list.

Tattoo sleeve


The lines in this tattoo are just on point. She looks like she is wearing a pretty sleeve over her shoulder and arm and we are here for it. Also, those flowers are beautiful.



This girl looks like a pinup girl, and the tattoos complete the whole look. Every tattoo in this pic is incredible but that butterfly really caught our eye. It’s so cool!

Colorful back


Wow, that tattoo must have taken hours (and maybe days) to finish but it was worth it. Look at those colors and shape, the flowers look amazing and it’s like she is always wearing a beautiful t-shirt.

Map tattoo


This one is unbelievable. Imagine having the whole world printed on your skin if you wanna know where a country is you only have to look at yourself and that’s it!

Japanese tattoo


If you are into asian culture, then you should consider one of these designs… but maybe not of them all at once. The color contrast here is perfect and it looks like an asian film!

A London lover


We think that no one loves London like this guy who just tattooed iconic items of the city on his arm. The London Eye looks stunning and the whole tattoo feels like a scene.

Gigant finger print


Every fingerprint is unique, and this tattoo is also very unique. This big fingerprint on her back is so well done it feels like a giant man just placed his finger on it.

Another map tattoo


This one is a classic for people who travel a lot. They just paint the countries they’ve been to in this black world map as they go to a new country. We think it’s an awesome idea!