The Worst Tattoos Ever Done


In this strange world we live, there are people that decide to permanently insert pigment under their skin without even giving it that much thought. Some people tattoo themselves with a sharpie, even when they can’t even draw a straight line. Some people get tattoos while extremely intoxicated. The results often go from sentences full of writing mistakes, to horribly made pictures of loved ones, to incredibly ridiculous, offensive or stupid ideas, to all that at the same time. Here are 50 of the worst tattoos you can find online…some of this will make you scream at your screen while shaking your head in disbelief!

The McDonalds ticket


Ok, this guy got a tattoo of a MCDONALD’S TICKET in his forearm. I don’t even know what to write here and this list is just starting. Seriously. This will be hard to top. Or maybe not.