Weirdest Stuff You’ll See Today: Roadtrip Edition

Nowadays, anyone with a camera can quickly take a picture of anything. That includes the weird stuff they see on the road. And believe us, there is a lot of weirdness going on out there. Are you ready to be shocked? Scroll down and find out just how crazy some people are.

My Kingdom For A Horse

Why drive a car when you could be driving this? Cars are so old-fashioned, really. We need to see more of these babies out there.

Tiny Bicycle

We admire this guy, we truly do. We wouldn’t last two seconds on that tiny bike. No, scratch that. We wouldn’t even dare try to get on that tiny bike.

Chicken Mobile

Did anyone order some chicken? We have to admit this is as clever as it is disturbing. We’ll have nightmares for weeks now.

Poor Donkey

These people are wicked. It isn’t even funny. This is plane animal abuse, and it’s the kind of thing you take a picture of with the intention to report it to local authorities.

My Friend The Donkey

This is a lucky donkey with a sweet, caring owner that takes him out to enjoy the city life. Oh, what we would give to hang out with these two!

Car Pool

Well, it’s not exactly a car. But you get the main idea, don’t you? As long as it’s proven to be safe for everyone, we’re all for this eco-friendly ride.

Weirdest Bike Ever

We don’t know what’s going on here but this has got to be the weirdest bike ever. We don’t even want to ask why he has to wear that to ride it.

Time To Let Go

That car needs to be put to rest as soon as possible. Also, we don’t think it’s fair the horse has to do all the hard work.

Chicken Delivery

Another clever example of how people that sell chickens are delivering their orders these days.

Hardcore Dog

This dog is living the life! Did you see those glasses and that hat? We hope the cigarette is not lit, though. Smoking is not good for dogs.

Happy With My Friend

We wish his little friend was wearing a helmet because that would make the picture even cuter (also, safety measures should always come first.)Look at how happy he looks!


We don’t know what’s going on here. Are those giant koalas? We would have followed this car to find out where he was taking them.


Remember those guys delivering chickens? This is the same thing but with ducks. It seems to have become pretty common.

Take You Away

This is obviously someone’s twisted idea of a prank. We love our friends to have a sense of humour, we really do, but isn’t this a little dangerous?

Don’t Rain On My Parade

This would be a cute, fun photo if they were not doing something so potentially dangerous. Aren’t people afraid of getting in an accident? Also, where are their helmets?

We Don’t Wanna Know

So we won’t even ask. But something weird and twisted is going on there. This picture really spooked us.


What do you mean you’ve never given your monkey friend a ride? What do you mean you don’t even have a monkey friend?

Back To The Future

We would so have followed that car! Don’t you want to know who they are? And what are they doing? What century are they from?

Green Man

This would be fun if it wasn’t so dangerous. How can you feel comfortable riding a motorcycle if you can’t see a thing? Are you aware that you are not a real superhero with superpowers and super strength?

Handmade Car

How is this even working? It looks like something right out of a science fiction movie. How far do you think they can get driving that?